Far East Group (FEG) have been providing consultancy services for over 20 years, to UK companies looking to do business with China and also Chinese companies breaking in to the UK marketplace. Far East Group have also acted as advisors to several Chinese cities. We can also provide management and Chinese liaison services.

A combination of western business skill and knowledge of Chinese business philosophy, putting the easy life of the British business culture and the Chinese advancing mentality into a melting pot, have formed many successful business structures, to become a stream of fresh air flowing through to the 21st century.

Hebei Machinery and Equipment Ltd, import and export
Anglian Water International Ltd, a part of Anglian Water plc
VA TECH Reyrolle Ltd, a part of Rolls-Royce Industrial Power Group
Swanbay Asia Ltd
Far East Anshan Trading Corporation Ltd
Cheung Kong Hotel Equipment Engineering Ltd
Guancheng Packing Co. Ltd
Beijing Orient Enterprise Ltd, logistics and export
Goodwin International Ltd
UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
Heibei province, Chinese local government and also state owned corporations
Dongmu Slate Quarries
Hulu Slate Quarries
Souj Ping Quarries
Shangri-la Slate Quarries