Fergus Yuen Tung Liu (廖遠東)- Founder of Far East Group
The Architect of Business Development in China

Fergus Liu first arrived in the U.K. in 1972. Over the past 27 years, not only has he achieved a BSc in Quantity Surveying, he has also established several successful Chinese takeaways and restaurants and spent time employed as a chartered surveyor. However, his most significant achievements have been as a business entrepreneur. In 1983, he invented and patented the Energy Saving Chinese cooker. In the same year, he co-founded Far East Industries Ltd in order to market his invention. The company, which specialises in designing and fitting out restaurant kitchens has built up a strong customer base and good reputation in the last 20 years. For example, in 1989, the Chinese Ambassador, Ji Cao Zhu, visited Far East Industries and proceeded to invite Fergus Liu back to China in order to help develop China Trade. It was an offer that he accepted and which he has since invested much time and capital. The experience has not only sharpened his business skills, but also widened his knowledge of trade in mainland China. In 1990, he was invited by the Chinese State Department to attend National Day as one of the top ten Chinese leaders in the U.K. It was his entrepreneurial success that qualified him for this role. Similarly, in 1992, the Xinghua News Agency published a book featuring overseas Chinese entrepreneurs, and he was selected as the U.K. entrant.

A year later, he was appointed as advisor to the Bushing Company for the Rolls Royce Industrial Power Group. His role involved helping to form a Joint Venture Company with Fushun Electric Porcelain Works in Liaoning province, China. This joint venture company is now operating successfully. In a continuation of this role, he became a consultant for Reyrolle Protection Ltd, also owned by Rolls Royce Industrial Power Group, in 1996. Fergus Liu played a key role in the successful formation of another joint venture company in May 1998.

In September of that year, he was recruited as a consultant for Anglian Water International to assist with the development of their Beijing company for water treatment works in China. A year later, he was also appointed as consultant to VATECH Power transmissions and Distribution Group for the Chinese Business Development. He is an honorary citizen and international economic cooperation advisor to Baoding City in Hebei province. He is also an active advisor to Fushun City in the North East of China.

In addition to the consultancy work for medium business, Plc companies and the Department of Trade and Industry, he has been involved in trading with many products and the development of the Chinese Slate trade for many years. In November 1998, he formed a slate joint venture company with a state owned corporation in Shaanxi province to quarry, manufacture and export slate to the European and U.S. markets.